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13 things I like doing while I read (Thursday 13)

Being Thursday and a fan of Thursday 13, I figured I might post my very own list:

13 Things I like doing while reading (in no particular order):

  1. Drinking tea: I got into tea some 5 years ago while studying in Norway, and now that I live in England my fandom of tea has only increased. A lot of times, I will grab a book so that I have something to do while drinking my tea (usually an Earl Grey special).
  2. Pretending I forgot about house chores
  3. Eating raisins: raisins are my snack of choice while reading, sweet, not dripping, not melting and quite affordable.
  4. Commuting: reading is definitely the best way to make commuting time interesting.
  5. researching the book and the author in Wikipedia.
  6. Watching television: I am one of those people who need to be doing two or three things ate the same time or I will get bored, so I usually watch telly and read at the same time.
  7. Listening to music: same reason as above. Most times it’s the Top 40.
  8. Playing with my hair.
  9. Being in bed: best way to end the day is with a good book (actually, make that second best 😉 )
  10. Being in the park: nature and books together, a great combination, as longs as it doesn’t start raining, in which case…
  11. Listening to the rain: only if I am indoors.
  12. Ignoring my husband: especially when he decides to start quoting the film we are watching.
  13. Reading the last few pages of the book to see how it ends when I’ve only read about a quarter of it.

There you go. My first Thursday 13. Don’t forget to visit the website and see what other bloggers are writing about.


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