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Invitation to World Literature

No matter if I haven’t set foot in a school for almost a year, in my heart I will always be a teacher (and my diploma is there to prove it). And as one, I always o hunting for learning resources, especially on topics that interest me.

My last resource-hunting session brought me to Invitation to World Literature. A brilliant collection of 13 documentaries on books that have shaped literature to be what it is today.

Each episode is divided in watch, a short 25/30-minute show; read, a taster of the text, opinions from famous (qualified-to-talk-about-books) people and a glossary; and explore, a timeline, other art forms inspired by the story and discussion prompts.

Just to test the waters I started watching one of the documentaries and ended up watching half of them before my pregnant belly realized it was hungry again and distracted me to the kitchen.

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