The bible as a reading book

18 Aug

10-year-old me in my sexy school uniform (in case you are wondering about my mum's clothes, the only explanation I can give is that it was the mid-90's)

My parents wanted to give me the best possible education, which growing up in Argentina meant going a private Catholic school. I did get that good education my parents were after, but the catch was that I was made to wear one of those horrible Catholic school uniforms (not the sexy tartan skirt Britney Spears kind, but the awful pleated grey pinafore kind) and that they made me read the whole of the bible in order to pass my Catholic studies class.

I suppose that the thought behind making a 10-year-old read the bible was to turn me into a devout believer. The opposite happened, I started hating the thing. Instead of making me love Jesus, God and the whole thing, they turned it into a boring chore. By 15, I moved countries and that was the end of the torture. I went to a public school, and avoided church like the plague. Until I met my husband last year, at 25.

He is a Christian and goes to church when he doesn’t have to work on a Sunday, and me being a loving wife, go with him. I won’t go into the atheist vs. believer thing, because, truly it has nothing to do with this blog. If I am writing about it is because going to church made me realize that even though I had read the bible, I hadn’t paid one tiny bit of attention to it. So, I went looking for a reading plan and came across The essential 100 challenge.

The Bible

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Basically the challenge takes you through the 100 most important bits of the bible, 50 from the old testament and 50 from the new testament. You’re supposed to read one a day, so after 100 days you have quite a thorough understanding of what the bible is all about, but you do it into chunks that are short enough to keep you entertained and coming back for more.

Right now, I’m on day 6, and I’m hooked. I’m not taking it as a religious text, but as a reading book that tells a story (whatever you do with the story depends on you), and it is so interesting. It feels like reading a classic. It’s all stories we all know about, and that have become part of our culture, but reading the actual story, the way it was written, first hand, is a completely different experience. And one that I would recommend to anyone (believer or not).

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