Brave New World: Chapter 13, 14 and 15

14 Jul

If anyone thinks I am doing another three chapters at once because I’m lazy, they are right. If they happen to think I’m doing it because I’m awfully tired with the book, they are right as well. And if they think it is because I can’t be bothered to write about Brave New World anymore, they are right as well. With that forewarning, here we go.


In chapter 13 Lenina tries to get John in bed, but John refuses and then suddenly rushes out to…

…hospital in Chapter 14 because his mum, Linda, is about to die due to all the soma she’s been getting. He remembers their life together until she dies, and then…

…he completely loses it in Chapter 15, and starts getting rid of soma tablets starting a riot. Bernard and Helmholtz both come. Helmholtz starts helping John, whereas Bernard keeps showing his true colours by trying to look as if he is actively doing something but really just standing on the side being useless.


These three chapters are all about contradictions and contrasts. John’s and Lenina’s sexual desire and response to it. Attitude towards death. Reactions when someone does something to upset social stability.

Lenina is becoming quite a deep character, within the context of the society: she keeps being attracted to (and becoming obsessed with) men who stand out from the crowd, first Bernard and the John.

When in comes to John, these chapters show a different side to his personality that we haven’t seen before. He can be a nice, polite, educated man with strong moral values but he can also be violent and lose his temper quite fast.


Opinion so far

The story is quite interesting, but writing the summary I realized that the chapters could have been a lot shorter that they were, or indeed fused into one (just like I did 🙂 ).

All the civilized/savage contrast is getting a bit old. We get. We got it by chapter 7, were then reminded in chapter 8, and again and again all the way to chapter 15.

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