Brave New World: Chapter 11 and 12

14 Jul

In chapter 11 we see the downfall of our characters.

Bernard becomes a full-blown celebrity, who like most celebrities is an arrogant and self-centred idiot. Linda gets lost in a world of soma spending every minute high. Lenina tries to get John in bed. And John keeps developing his obsession with Lenina but restrains himself from doing anything physical with her, while becoming more and more disillusioned with the World State.


In chapter 12 Bernard gets what he deserves when John refuses to be used as a show monkey and doesn’t go to one of his parties. This makes Bernard become unpopular again. We see how Helmholtz is probably the only decent person in the whole book when he gives his friendship and support back to Bernard and strikes a new one with John.


And for how long they ar nothing really Earth shaking happens in these chapters. The most interesting quotes are quotes themselves (from Shakespeare).


Opinion so far

Finally Bernard and Lenina get what they deserve. It took me 12 chapters to see them suffer, but I got there. Helmholtz is definitely the nicest character in the whole book.

As you can probably see by how short the reviews are getting, I am getting frustrated with the book.


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